What is SquarSwap?Why should I use SquarSwap?Are there any Fees for using SquarSwap?What is up with the blue checkboxes on the photos?How long will my listing stay up?Can I list other types of gear?Is my information secure?

What is SquarSwap?

SquarSwap is a marketplace for guitar players to Buy, Sell & Trade Pedals with each other. There are currently three ways you can list a pedal: For Sale Only, For Trade Only, or For Sale and For Trade.

Why should I use SquarSwap?

The fee structure is transparent and fixed - and also lower than the other major gear marketplaces. You can use almost everything on the site for free - fees are only charged when a pedal is sold, everything else is free. If you like supporting the little guy instead of the major corporations, this is the place for you!

Are there Fees?

There are no fees for trading pedals or for listing pedals. You will only be charged fees from SquarSwap when you sell a pedal with the option to use Stripe to handle your payment. You can always choose to handle payments yourself (ex. PayPal, Venmo) and SquarSwap will not charge any fees for the listing or sale of your pedal.
If you choose to use Stripe payments, and sell a pedal on SquarSwap, there is a selling fee of 2.5%, which is taken out of the final sale price of your pedal before funds are transfered to your bank account with Stripe. Please note that Stripe has a payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30.
So for a few concrete examples:
If you trade a pedal, you will not be charged any fees from SquarSwap.
If you sell a pedal, and you choose to handle payments youself (PayPal, Venmo, etc...), you will not be charged any fees from SquarSwap.
If you sell a pedal, and you choose to use Stripe payments, you will be charged a 2.5% selling fee from SquarSwap. For example, if you sell a pedal for $100 and choose to use Stripe payments, you will receive $94.3 sent directly to your bank account via Stripe ($100 sale price - $2.50 selling fee - $3.20 Stripe payment processing fee).
I hope you notice that the fees listed above are less than the other current major players.

What is up with the blue checkboxes on the photos?

This is one method used to help keep scammers out of the Marketplace. A blue checkbox on a photo means that the user listing the pedal has connected a Stripe verified bank account. Stripe is a payment platform that SquarSwap uses to keep your banking information secure. Blue checkboxes are useful because this means that a real bank account is connected with the user.

How long will my listing stay up?

Whether you list a pedal as either For Sale, For Trade, or both, your listing will stay up until you accept a trade, the pedal sells, or you remove the pedal yourself. There is no other expiration for your pedal listing. You will never be charged for listing a pedal, or for the amount of time a pedal is listed.

Can I list other types of gear?

Yes! If you want to list an amp, a guitar, a bass, a microphone, etc... then please do so. Although the site is currently tailored for pedals, I plan to expand the scope of the site in the future, so anything you list will help me know what I should add next.

Is my information secure?

I take every precaution to keep your information safe. I never store any of your banking information on my servers - I strictly leave this up to Stripe. I never share your email address with any 3rd parties. The only information I share publicly is your location (City, State, and Country). I only share your full shipping address when you buy or sell a pedal.