About Me

Who is behind SquarSwap?

Hi, my name is Tom, I'm a guitar player and pedal enthusiast. I've been playing the guitar since I was 13 and through the years I have played in bands, written songs, recorded an album, recorded albums for other bands, run a small punk/metal venue, and toured the U.S. in an old suburban. I'm still writing songs (but less than I used to), I no longer tour, I'm still trying to shred, and I still play the guitar on an almost daily basis.

Why did I start this site?

I noticed a trend among existing gear marketplaces, they kept getting more low quality junk added on their websites, and the fees kept growing! Gear is expensive, and musicians tend to be short on funds. So, I decided to put my programming skills to work and create a site where musicians can trade gear with each other without the growing fees, or the growing inventory of junk added solely to make a profit. I hope this site grows into a place where muscians can find what they need at a fair price without sifting through 500 listings of $75 beginner guitars to get there.