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Monetizing a blog with ads can be difficult and time consuming. Don't waste any more time searching for sponsors or trying to meet ad network requirements.

Advertisers impose heavy requirements on bloggers

Monetizing a blog can be difficult for new bloggers because advertisers and sponsors only want to work with extremely high traffic blogs.

Monetizing with affiliate networks can be time consuming and difficult.

Most affiliate networks only allow you to advertise affiliate products after each manufacturer agrees to your affiliate relationship. This is too costly and time consuming for most bloggers.


Don't waste time and effort working with difficult advertisers and affiliates

Each hour you spend negotiating with sponsors or writing articles to meet advertiser requirements is another hour that could have been spent creating great blog content. That's why you started a blog after all - to create and share content.

SquarSwap monetizes blogs with no requirements on bloggers

In under 5 minutes you can monetize your blog, (1) Sign up for a SquarSwap account, (2) Install the SquarSwap ad pluing on your blog, (3) Affiliate sales income is sent directly to your bank account

Advertising Money

Advertise products for sale on your blog, and earn a percentage of all referral sales

Don't waste any more time monetizing your blog, just keep producting great content and let SquarSwap serve ads, sell products, and handle payments.

Earn a percentage of any sales made after your referral

Whether a user buys the specific product advertised on your blog, or any other product for sale on SquarSwap, you will earn a percentage of the sale.

Affiliate Referral Money

The quickest and most simple platform for blog monetization

SquarSwap is a seamless set-it-and-forget-it affiliate platform. Setup in under 5 minutes, get paid directly to your bank account.

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