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Holy Grail Neo
Holy Grail Neo
MXR reverb
MXR reverb
Boss Super Shifter
Boss Super Shifter
MXR Dyna Comp
MXR Dyna Comp
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Sell Products online with free advertising
When you list an item for sale on SquarSwap, our network of bloggers will begin advertising your product until it is sold, and you don't have to pay anything before the sale.

Don't pay fees for unsold items

Stop paying fees for listing an item for sale with the possibility that it won't even sell. SquarSwap only takes a percentage of items sold and does not charge for listing items.

Advertising is expensive, even if you get it right

By listing on SquarSwap there is no risk of over-spending on advertising. Our network of bloggers will advertise your product for free, and only charge a fee when an item is sold.

Advertising is Hard
Rising Advertising Costs

Selling items over social networks is more expensive each year.

Selling on SquarSwap allows you to know your costs of selling each item ahead of time. Listing and advertising on social media platforms does not give you the same guarantee.

SquarSwap will handle everything except the shipping

We handle all aspects of the process between listing and shipping. We take payments from the buyer, send shipping notifications to the buyer, and transfer payment from the buyer directly to your account.

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No more creeps

You no longer have to sell on platforms that require you to meet in person

Meeting in person to complete an online sale can be unsafe. Stop taking unnecessary risks and ship your items instead.

Don't get restricted to selling in your geographical area

Many online platforms only allow you to list items in your geographical area. This can not only slow your sales time, but may also force you to sell in a lower priced market and earn less from your sale!

Global Availability

Use our platform to manage orders, update inventory, and track sales.

Our system handles many aspects of the sales process for you. So ditch spreadsheets and pick up a hobby with your new free time!

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