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Improve slow blog growth
Are you frustrated with writing new blog posts without seeing any uptick in readership? Tired of putting in hours of effort without seeing any growth? What separates a successful blogger with high growth from everybody else?
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Finding Growth is Hard

It's not always clear why new readers visit your blog, or why old readers return. Reader patterns are hard to track, and even harder to take action on.

Organic growth and a perfect niche are rare without the right information

Historical data is ok, but Predictive Data Analytics can provide drastically improved results. Traditional web analytics only tell you what has happened in the past, but don't give you information on what steps you need to take to be successful in the future.

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Don't waste time and effort writing articles that may not be read

Each time you publish an article without knowing your audience's likely response is a missed opportunity and a waste of time and effort. With predictive analytics you can know which types of content will give you the best chances for reader growth before you even start writing.

SquarSwap provides predictive analytics on reader trends

Writing articles on topics that are most likely to grow in the future puts your blog on the path for success and maximum reader growth. Consistently focusing on content with the best predictions gives your blog an edge to grow the most in the future.

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Measure aggregate reader trends across your entire blog

By measuring the readership trends of your content, and not just specific urls, you can gain a deeper understanding of what factors are driving pageviews and growth across your entire blog.

Gain access to reader trend forecasts

Harness the power of predictive forecasts so that you know what types of content are trending up, and what is trending down. By focusing on content with positive readership trends, you have the greatest opportunity for success in growing your blog.

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One simple platform that provides key insights to help grow your blog

Other analytics platforms offer too much unnecessary and unhelpful functionality, only show you past reader behavior, and never forecast future reader behavior. In one simple platform you can access the analytics needed to understand reader behavior and trends without any extra complications.

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