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Blog Content and Trend Analytics

Maximize pageview growth by understanding trends in how your readers consume content across your entire domain

Follow your readers trends and preferences over time to uncover what type of content is growing your readership the fastest

Categorize your content to measure and track traffic and readership

Track trends through user feedback with a simple Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down plugin (try it out on the left hand side of this page)

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We are currently in Beta Testing and are seeking Beta users to help build a tool maximize your blog’s growth!

The tool is FREE during Beta testing for all users – if you would like to join as a Beta tester please leave your email address in the Sign Up form and we will contact you with more details.

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How It Works

Install our plugin on your website

The plugin automatically starts tracking traffic to your domain.

Tag each of your urls with hashtags describing the content of the url

These can be tags like #Travel, #Food, or #LongArticle.

Use as many tags as you like and change the tags at any time.

The plugin automatically tracks which tags are related to fast (and slow) pageview growth.

Charts are updated daily that compare the pageview growth rates of tags over time.

Boost the growth and retention of your blog by focusing your content on tags that have the most pageview growth.

Use the power of data science to forecast future pageviews

Find out which pages are most likely to perform the best in the near future

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